Terms & Conditions of bakstengineering

The user is considered to have accepted these rules, having access to the materials of the site. All Users of the site are on a visit with the Administration of the resource bakstengineering.com. Rules of conduct on the resource must be observed by users strictly. For the first violation of the rules, the User is made an unlimited Warning, for a repeated violation - the User’s account is blocked and deleted from the site. The Administration reserves the right to change the Rules without notifying the Users.

On the website bakstengineering.Com is strictly forbidden:

It is strictly forbidden to use lexicon related to drug addiction in messages and comments. The site administration is categorically against drugs.

It is strictly forbidden to post and / or distribute pornographic material, promote pornography and children’s eroticism, and advertise intimate services.

It is strictly forbidden to post and / or distribute any other prohibited information, including extremist material, as well as information aimed at infringing upon human rights and freedoms on grounds of race and nationality, religion, language and sex, inciting to commit violent acts against a person or to inhuman treatment of animals, calling for the commission of other unlawful acts, including clarifying the procedure for the manufacture and use of weapons, narcotic drugs means, etc.

The author’s account and the message will be deleted immediately!

Bakstengineering.Com is forbidden:

  • It is forbidden to copy the materials of the site without the consent of the Administration of the resource.
  • Discussion of the Rules of conduct and actions of the Resource Administration is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to discuss the timing of new entries in any form.
  • Discussion of the quality of information and new records in any form is prohibited.
  • Distribution of promotional materials in personal messages to other Users without obtaining their prior consent to receive them (spam).
  • Discussions about politics, interethnic and interracial problems are forbidden. These questions do not correspond to the topic of the resource.
  • It is prohibited to place messages in any other languages, as well as messages written in transliteration, except Russian or English.
  • It is prohibited to publish personal insults and use obscene language.
  • It is forbidden to use uncultured and offensive vocabulary. It is necessary to respect the resource of other Users and express their thoughts and emotions in a civilized cultural form, including negative comments, criticism and negative feedback.

Immediately will be deleted together with the author’s account messages containing:

  • Any references to alternative releases and translations;
  • Advertising, spam;
  • Scrapping websites and commercial projects, regardless of their affiliation and subject matter;
  • Links to files hosted on servers that require viewing of advertisements.

Additional terms:

In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, the website bans calls to the public and popular vote. The administration of the resource independently decides on the release and termination of releases, as well as the publication of any information.

The resource bakstengineering.com does not have any other sites on the network, except directly at www.bakstengineering.com

In 2012, the official page bakstengineering.com appeared on the social network “FACEBOOK”, “V KONTAKTE”, “INSTAGRAM”, , “TWITTER” “TUMBLR”, whose goal is to inform the subscribers of the community about news and new publications on the site bakstengineering.com.

  • Address of the page in the social network FACEBOOK
  • Address of the page in the social network INSTAGRAM
  • Address of the page in the social network TWITTER
  • Address of the page in the social network В КОНТАКТЕ

In addition to this resource, bakstengineering.com does not have any other communities, blogs, mobile applications, sites with online video viewing, etc. Everything that is published there and created under the name “bakstengineering.com” does not have anything to do with bakstengineering.com.

All official calls to users and information about the resource are published only on the site bakstengineering.com

bakstengineering.com does not take any money for registration on the site or access to content.

Being on the site bakstengineering.com, the User confirms that he is acquainted with all points of the Rules, and certainly accepts them.

Revision of February 15, 2018